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Yoga Offerings

Yoga For Children

Allyson has taught in classrooms throughout Colorado, Fiji, Honduras, India, Japan and Spain with children of all ages. She holds certifications in Mindful Life, Yoga Ed, and Yoga for At Risk Youth. She uses this depth of training to design each of her unique classes. Allyson is continually inspired by how the practice of yoga helps kids develop strength, internal awareness, self-confidence, and compassion.

Allyson also offers custom designed yoga birthday parties. These are an amazing way for kids to celebrate in a fun and constructive way. Ask about location and package deals!

Yoga for Teachers

Allyson focuses on training teachers to use simple yoga-based mind-body integration techniques as effective stress and classroom management solutions. She specializes in structuring inservice meetings, professional development and private workshops to empower educators with yoga skills that are easy to weave into the daily classroom. These yoga tools consist of short breath and movement sequences, games and visualizations that anyone can do to immediately feel more attentive, energized and calm. These trainings help teachers create a more focused, harmonious environment and support students in feeling ready and able to learn

Yoga for Everyone

Whether working with children or adults, Allyson loves to make the ancient practice of yoga accessible and relevant to everyday life. She offers adult, pre/postnatal, family, group and private sessions for practitioners with different desires and needs. Allyson partners with businesses, families, schools and yoga studios in the community to teach classes that are fun, safe, challenging and therapeutic. Yoga is for all levels and ages! Take your practice to a deeper level and cultivate a more intimate relationship with your awareness, alignment, body, and mind.

Please contact Allyson for more information at
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